Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Where We Are in the Lyme Battle

In an effort to not talk too much on facebook about my health, and in a flood of stuff happening in the last few weeks, I wanted to write down a few things in a more organized way. There seem to be some puzzle pieces coming together, and we pray they are going to get us much closer to a complete picture.

A quick mention for those not on facebook, May-the first of Aug, I did a very harsh, chemo-like treatment that killed a lot of stuff, but left me weak and still sick. This treatment kills and cleans out everything,  even the fat cells where dead bacteria and toxins get stored. This was a kind of hail Mary that we think worked in a lot of ways, but didn't fix everything. There is still so much damage from 11 years of Lyme, and right now it's hard to tell what's damage and what's leftover Lyme...if any.

Last week we did some new testing that computer scans every system of the body, and gives a lot of information about what is effecting it. That includes bacteria, viruses, weakened organs, environmental factors, etc.

Some of the more significant things we found~

1. My cellular energy is very low. On the 1-10 scale with 10 being the worst, it was a 10. Cells produce ATP, which give our body energy to function. My cells aren't doing that, and it's from long term Lyme.

2. The ATP from the cells give our bodies the energy to push toxins from our bodies when we detox. Without the ATP, my body doesn't have the energy to do that well, even with supplements. So, I'm killing off all of this bacteria and toxins, but it's struggling to get out of my body, and that makes me sicker and weaker, which means my body doesn't have the energy to get rid of it, and it goes round and round.

3. I have known for at least a year that I sometimes have issues with EMFs from electricity, cell phones, computers, laptops, etc. Feeling the effects of that seems to come in stages. I have one medical office I go to that always effects me. It's their fluorescent lights, even though I don't feel that anywhere else with the lights. Something about these makes my nervous system shut down. I have to wait in the car until they call me for my appointment, then I go straight to the back where they have turned off the lights and have non-fluorescent lamps. At any rate, we had kind of thought I was doing okay with most of it, since I don't have that kind of reaction to anything else anymore. The tests showed otherwise. The EMFs are apparently having a huge impact on me, and are making me sick, and keeping me from healing.

4. I am in chronic dehydration, even though I drink usually almost a gallon and a half of water per day.

In response to these test results, a few things are happening.

1. I have started using an ionic foot bath. I was already doing detox, but this one uses the electricity for the energy to pull the toxins out, since the cells don't provide it. I can feel it pulling things out stronger than just the regular salt detox. Getting the toxins out will help the cells heal so that they can produce energy again...besides the fact that I need the toxins out anyway.

2. I have begun 3 supplements to strengthen and restore the ATP.

3. I need a system to block the EMFs. One was recommended to us, and James has researched them. There are 2 parts, and both parts are needed because they overlap. One is a whole house system, and one is a personal one in the form of a bracelet. One or the other would be helpful, but not enough. The bracelet is especially needed in addition to the house one for sleep and for when I leave the house. But, the bracelet doesn't provide everything needed on it's own. Plus the fact that Lyme gave me skin sensitivity..."hyper sensitive to touch", so I don't know if I can wear the bracelet 24/7.

Besides that all of this will be the missing pieces to this puzzle, the prayer request is to be able to buy these EMF protectors. Together they are $610, plus shipping. We already spend over $1,000 a month on doctor visits, Lyme treatments, and supplements to keep me functioning, and we don't have an income. The Lord has blessed us amazingly, and He gives us what we need at just the moment we don't know how we will keep going. We don't have the money for this, but we are asking Him to provide this protection so that I can fully heal.

I am already feeling the effects of these changes..the ionic foot bath and the new supplements. I have been extremely fatigued and having other detox symptoms, especially today. We believe He is the one revealing to us at just the right time what the next steps are, and we are trusting Him for the full restoration that we believe He has promised.


  1. I always appreciate your updates because they help me to really understand what's going on with you and they help me to know how to pray more specifically for you. Out of curiosity, what causes the dehydration? Are the cells just unable to hold onto the water?

    Continuing to pray, and sending a big hug your way. Please continue to update when you're able. You are the strongest person I know. Truly.

    1. Thank you, Denise! But, are the strongest person you know! :) I am thankful for your encouragement that you always give!!
      We don't know what is causing the dehydration. Testing showed that my body is utilizing water correctly, so we're not sure yet. We're thinking that I'm just a little or moderately dehydrated. He's still researching all of that to try to figure things out.
      The ATP info is something we just learned in the last couple of days, so we are praying this is going to open up a lot for me in terms of healing.

      Love you and are praying for you every day!

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