Sunday, February 7, 2010

Family Time

An update already? Wow! We are enjoying....for the most part.....a visit to Briana's. I say most part, because the younger girls are restless and one is bored (i.e. feeling sorry for herself). Combine that with 4 adults, sometimes 5, in a small apt.and it has it's moments of "not enjoying"! : ) But, for the most part...... We got here on Wed. afternoon. James went Wed. night and a lot of the day Thurs. to take pictures of Briana's dress rehearsal. The younger girls have been able to go 3 days to visit with my parents for several hours. Friday was opening night for ANNIE. It was FABULOUS! They did such a great job. There are 2 casts of the younger kids (orphans), and Friday night's cast was so good they brought tears to my eyes in a couple of the songs! I don't even have a child in those songs! Of course, MY CHILD was fabulous, too!! Her boyfriend, Troy is also in it. I picked at him, and told him that I would watch him, too, as long as he was standing right behind Briana. haha. It's so hard to keep up and watch them both when they're on stage together. And, of course, when she's dancing, I never see the whole dance, cause I'm always just watching her. I'll try to post pictures after I get home. I went back alone to see it again on Sat. afternoon. We get 5 comp tickets per show that she is in. Even though we all went Friday night, I went ahead and paid for Marissa's and Daniella's tickets because they are much cheaper. That way I save the free ones for me to go back. : ) I like going back the very next day, because there is just no way to take it all in the first time you see a show. Even after going to see them 4 or 5 times, I see something new every time. Today they are both back at an afternoon show, and the rest of us are just hanging out at her apt. There's not much for them to do here, hence the boredom. We'll be heading home tomorrow.

James and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary later this year, and we are trying to decide somewhere to go together. I suggested the Bahamas! haha. Just a little unrealistic.

We are also trying to plan a trip to see James' mom and my granny in Mississippi. We were supposed to go in March, but not sure if that's going to work out just yet. We had hoped Ashley and Briana could go with us, especially since Briana didn't get to go last year. But, it ends up Ashley won't be able to take off of work until fall, and Briana now has a conflict with the one week we thought she could go. Of course, we'll still take the trip, but they both wanted to visit. Growing pains!!