Friday, August 30, 2013

Duck Dynasty: Are They Christians?

This is not particularly a post I want to write, because I know #1...somebody will get mad  #2...most people will accuse me, defend their position, or not care or ask God. But... it keeps nagging me. For weeks. And, when something keeps nagging me, God won't let go of it until I say it. 

Deep breath. 

I will say up front, I have only tolerated through the show 2 or 3 times. The last time I got up and left after 15 min. because I couldn't stand it any longer. But, a whole lot can be gleaned in just a few shows, because, after all, it's the same thing over and over.

....And, when millions of people flock (excuse the unintended pun) to something and go on and on about it, and lift it up on this pedestal, that alone causes red flags to go off in my mind. But, after seeing many, many, many, many, many Christians go on and on about it, I gave it a chance. It failed on many fronts...aside from stupidity.

So..... why I believe Duck Dynasty and the Robertson Family may not be Christians and why the Christian community should not be jumping in hook, line, and sinker to support them. Keep reading, because it might surprise you~ 

1. Have you actually watched the show? I mean, really. They act rude, crude, sarcastic, mean spirited at times, selfish, extremely immature..... Where are those listed in the Bible as Godly traits? I missed that part. Where exactly are those family values everyone raves about?
I completely have a ridiculous sense of humor, so that's not the problem.

2. "But, they pray and eat together, and it's wholesome (see number 1) entertainment." I just read an article this afternoon in which Willie is quoted as having to remind his father that this is not "the '700 Club'." They do not consider this to be a Christian or family show, and he goes on to say that if somebody likes the fact that they eat together and laugh and have fun, that's just fine, but that's not what it's about; "it's a comedy" show. The "Christian" part is not what they intend it to be about. 

The same article, along with another, went on to say that it's about comedy and making money. The older Robertson might be trying to say Jesus' name, but he's the only one, and that's not what they intend with the show. I have seen nothing about this show remotely Christian. (Holy, set apart, Christ like....)

3. The really hard part. I cannot judge the hearts of this family. That is something only God can do. However, I can look at what they teach and at the church they attend and make a judgement about what that "denomination" proclaims. I put the word denomination in quotes, because even they do not call themselves a denomination. Even though most Christians accept them as a denomination and as Christians, they pronounce that THEY are THE Lord's Church. Not the rest of us. Most of them do not believe the rest of us can be saved outside of their church.

This "church", as a whole, says the name Jesus, but they do not believe that Jesus' work on the cross alone and our entrusting our lives to that is enough. *The Robertson Family also preaches this.* They believe that you not only have to be baptized in order to be saved, but many of the congregations believe you must be baptized in THEIR church building by their preacher to be saved. 


This "church" also believes that you have to keep up with certain legalistic rules in order to keep your salvation. 


After studying this religion in depth, you will find there are so many twisted and abused scriptures it is frightening, yet Christians don't know better and jump in saying that this is a wholesome, Christian show and family. I believe we are held accountable for those words.

I posted a photo last week of a bird and its reflection in the water. Only it was not the bird's reflection, but a photo-shopped reflection. It just took a little inspection to see it was fake. I made the comment then that we are guilty of "liking" things so quickly because they look beautiful on the outside, but on closer inspection, we can see they are counterfeit. The religion that this family is part of is the same. 

Many of those who have studied these things report that this "church" meets at least 4 out of the 5 criteria of a cult. Some believe it meets all 5. Some, stop short of saying it is a cult, but warn that it is a "false gospel that cannot save", and the Christian Apologetic site warns that Christians should stay away from this "church". This is a serious deal. And, Christians are unaware and supporting this. But, don't just take my word for it. Research it. Dig into their beliefs and dig into the Word of God. I cannot tell you 100% that this family is not saved..only God knows that. But, these are the unscriptural beliefs this family is aligning itself with and preach.

If you want to watch stupid shows on t.v., go ahead. I watch a couple that others would find stupid. But, we need to be very careful publicly proclaiming something of God without the careful inspection and knowing that what we are saying is truth. 

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter." Matt. 7:21

And, what is the ultimate first will of the Father? Salvation. But, salvation cannot occur through a false gospel, and truly loving God and others cannot occur without salvation. Just because someone says the name of the Lord, does not mean they are a true follower of Christ. There are many false teachers and counterfeits whom Satan loves to use to lure us into a false belief of salvation. Know the Word. Know what you are supporting.