Thursday, January 22, 2009

Disney Part 2

Day 3 we spent in Epcot.

Before we left, I ordered some Disney pins off ebay, and the girls had a fun time trading with cast members throughout the week.

Ashley asked Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto to sign a shirt for  friend, and Donald was pretending to complain.

Now he's saying he has bad breath, so he's covering his mouth.

The handler to left put a breath mint in his mouth, and he held it there for a while.  After a few min., he pretended like he was choking on it.  He was funny.
Goofy also giving Ashley a hard time about the shirt. 

Then he hugged Briana, and kept turning his back to Ashley and didn't want her in the picture!  It was funny!

Having their Epcot passports stamped at the Mexico Pavillion.


Mulan and Mushu

Playing in the jumping fountains.  These are cool.

Test Track is fun, especially the end....60-65 mph in an open car, banking curves.

Hollywood Studios~formerly MGM
While we were waiting on our bus, it started raining hard, with a pretty high wind.  It was blowing in on us and chilly, so Daniella found them a hiding spot.

It rained all the way over there, but quit right as we got there.  There was still some periods of wind throughout the day.

By the way,  those balloons....$10 each.  My girls did not get balloons!!  Thankfully, I have girls who also understood how ridiculous that is, and didn't want one.
The new Toy Story section and ride are fun.

Daniella likes to watch Handy Manny when we visit her Gram and Pop's house.

We'd never seen the stunt show before.  It was great.  This car was "cut in half" in a scene.  As you can see, the front part drove away!  Later it backed back up, connected itself back together, and drove away.

Mike and Sully

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Buzz and Woody

This day, they also saw Frozone (The Incredibles), Prince John, the Sheriff, Friar Tuck, Max (Goofy's son), Aladdin, Jafar, and Gov. Ratcliff.
And, how surprised we were to see THIS there~

I tried upload my pictures a different way, and as you can see it made them overlap my sidebar.  But, to fix it would require starting completely over, and that  is not about to happen!!  : ) 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Disney Part 1

There were just so many pictures to choose from, and you know how I love pictures!  So, I'll break these up into a couple of posts.  We spent 5 days actually in the parks, 2 days off at the campground, and 1 day shopping for a couple of hours at Downtown Disney, then dinner out that night.
Here are some pictures from day one and two~
 Riding the boat from the campground to Magic Kingdom the first day~

Daddy and Daniella on the race cars.  Daniella driving.~

Stitch was happy and huggy~

We also saw Buzz Lightyear and Snow White this day.
MMM....Mickey Ice Cream

Waiting for the SpectroMagic Parade~

When you stop, it catches up with you~

But it's worth the wait~

The first night, the castle was still lit up with icicles from Christmas, and it was gorgeous.

Marissa took this next picture~
Magic Kingdom Fireworks are spectacular~


After an already very long day, we had a very late (8:45) dinner at the Colonial Tavern.  As you know, Marissa loves the Colonial period, and when she found out they had a character dinner there, she went crazy.   LOL.  Actually, this night was the very last time that this dinner would have characters.  She insisted that we take their colonial dresses that we had made for Williamsburg, even though they were a little short.  Actually, Daniella's was a lot short, so I added an unauthentic ruffle to the bottom.  Minnie Mouse and all of the waiters and waitresses were quite impressed at their dresses, and everyone asked about them.  Even customers commented.  I guess we're the first ones to ever come in Colonial attire!  Minnie was so cute in her little mob cap.

Goofy was quite fond of Ashley!

Marissa decided she was fond of Chip and Dale on this trip~

See Dale pointing to his cheeks?~

That scene (above) replayed itself a number of times on this trip.  I'm not sure how many college age boys my girls inadvertantly kissed in costume that week! 
Dale hugging Marissa~
Trivia question: Do you know how to tell Chip and Dale apart?
Daniella loved Pluto this night.  She hugged and hugged and hugged him.~

A shot that I missed on film, but caught on video was Minnie, unprompted, came over to James and kissed him on the cheek.  It was so funny. 
The first time we've ever seen Mickey and Minnie together~
A final shot of the castle in a different color.  It changes several times.~

After 12 1/2 read it right 12 1/2! Magic Kingdom on day 1, THIS is what we did most of day 2.........

If you look closely, all 4 girls are in this picture.  This is inside our pop-up, which got pretty small pretty quickly.  Actually, when we're just hanging out camping like this it's not a problem.  It was when we were all trying to get ready and get out the door every morning, dancing around each other, that it got kind of trying.  But I was thankful for it, because camping is what makes going to Disney affordable for us. 
We orginally didn't plan to take the 2nd day off, but after such a long first day, and not leaving Magic Kingdom until midnight, we quickly decided to change the plans.  No one can say we didn't get our money's worth that first day!  James, Marissa, and Daniella had taken their bikes so they rode for a short while that day, then that night we went to the campground's sing-along campfire, which was pretty fun. 
Next post~ Epcot and Hollywood Studios.