Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Sneak Peek

I thought I'd give a sneak peek at what I'm wearing to the wedding. : D

It's navy, as you can tell, with the little rhinestones going all the way around the neck line. In case you haven't heard, bling is the 3rd official color of this wedding. haha! It didn't show up in the pictures I tried to take, but it also has a "swag" across the stomach over to the left side, which is also on the bridesmaid and flower girl dress. I didn't set out to look for that, or even the bling, but it's a very cool find. Briana and I are both super happy with my dress. : )

Silver is the 2nd official color! (Lilac is the first.) Please ignore my rough, dry feet that are desperate for lotion, sun, and a pedicure. I hope to solve all 3 in the next 9 weeks!! And, see, they (the shoes, not my feet) have just a touch of bling, too! : ) I've had fun with this. What I dreaded SO very much, and thought would be a monsterous, evil task, turned out pretty fun and easy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Life

So much for my intention of blogging every week. It's not that I didn't think about it. I just have not thought I had anything to say of any interest to anyone. I have some deep post thoughts running around in my mind, but not the time to sit that long to develop them right now. Or, maybe not the drive to yet. Most of my mind is consumed by wedding preparations and thoughts, and you can only listen so many of those without boredom. Everything else is just the random dailiness of life. I also haven't had the chance to get on here and cultivate many blog friends again, and most of you that I do have see all my "news" on facebook. Send me your friends! LOL!

So what has been going on around here? Lots of wedding prep, as I said. Ten weeks from today! How did it get so close? How did my little girl grow up and meet the man of her dreams and it get so fast to this place of turning loose? There were lots of emotions in the beginning, they tapered off for a while, and now they're back. Lots of bittersweet times. We are having a great time together, though. Lots of shopping and planning. Lots of laughing.

Briana and I went together last week and found my dress. I was dreading that so much. I knew lots of things that I did NOT want, and hadn't seen anything online that I did want or would feel comfortable in. I really prayed over that shopping trip. It's difficult to explain, but I also have some physical issues (in addition to the tummy bulge!!) that limit greatly what I can wear. God heard me, and after 2 or 3 stores, I finally found 3 to try on. The first 2 were horrid, but the 3rd one came home with me! I was so excited, and we both liked it. The only altering it will need is length, since it is floor length, and we're going with shorter dresses. Now I just need shoes! Trial number 2 for my ensemble!! : ) Size 10, silver with some sparkle, heels needed for this dress, but not too high because they make me taller than James. : )

I'm doing pretty well with adjusting to Ashley moving out. One day last weekend, I had a hard day, really missing having her around to talk to, but God has helped me adjust. It helps that I have been getting to see her about once a week, too. I just wish I could talk to her more. She doesn't have phone service still, unless she walks back over to the office and calls me. At least we can communicate through facebook, which we make the most of.

We're at Briana's right now. We came to see the closing performance of Camp Rock. I'll brag on her.... the Broadway reviewer from Nashville came to see the show last week. When he was out at lunch with the Playhouse executives, he singled Briana out, and asked them who she was. Said she was a great dancer! I love to watch her dance! She started rehearsals this week for My Fair Lady.

Please lift up a prayer for her. She is looking for another part time job, and is having trouble finding one in this small town, especially one that will work around her shows. I know God has something out there for her. She really needs one by the time they get married. Along the same lines, Ashley is also waiting on God in finances. She is working through the North American Mission Board, and through this program she has to raise about 1/2 of her own support. She needs more donations and/or monthly pledges.

We're enjoying a day of rest around here today. The younger girls are excited that their cousins are visiting my parents here in the same town this week, so they will get to play with them this afternoon before we head home tomorrow.