Friday, October 26, 2012

Very Good News

Well, I kept a lot of people in suspense today. Sorry! It wasn't intentional! 

My good news..... I am getting better! Now you're thinking, "Well, why didn't she just say that?" Because it was a dramatic afternoon for me. Not in the drama sort of way, but in a mind boggling sort of way. Today's results were totally least today.  And, I tell you. God didn't just do something. HE was dramatic. 

We don't test my number levels every week. Just on occasion. I won't bother to try to tell you what the numbers mean, but I'll say that the higher the number the better. At 0.... well, maybe you're dead at zero... ha, but that's the worst. At 500+, it means that whatever it is may still be in your body, but it is no longer there in traceable amounts. 

I actually don't remember what the Lyme Disease initially tested at in March. In July, it tested at 100. We tested it again about 3 or 4 weeks ago, after 6 months of treatments, and it was at 300. I actually left pretty discouraged, because, although it was better, it wasn't much better compared to my hopes after that long. Today, she tested again, and ..... she can't trace it! It is over 500! It went up at least 200 points in just a month or less. 

Not only that......In July the staph infection that I've had since July 2011, tested at 70...pretty low. A few weeks ago, it still only tested at 90. VERY discouraging.  Today..... over 500! She can't trace it! 

This evening I am rejoicing and so thankful. So looking forward to the continued healing! Earlier today, not so much. I was in complete shock...speechless....when she told me. I told her that I was in as much shock then as I was when she first told me I had Lyme Disease. I went from shock to an entire cobweb of confused emotions that I can't even begin to explain to you. Everything from disbelief (just that it was so sudden) to fear to an awe. They took a while to sort through. I just kept crying and not understanding why I wasn't excited. After talking to Briana and Ashley, I think I have a mental handle on why all the emotions.

Some of it is hard to process because currently the reality of my body does not line up with the reality of the knowledge. There is still damage to treat, I am still very tired, I still can't do much. And, of course, we will still keep treating both diseases to try to get them fully out of my body. That is our hope and belief.... complete healing. I can't just get up and go now, but I have hope that soon I will. 

Having said that, I have had several much better days in the last 2 weeks. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (and maybe Monday), I did not even lie down. That's huge. I was able to do a few more light things around the house... a little extra laundry, playing games with the girls, and I even cooked a very simple dinner one night. (VERY simple!) I have up and down times a lot, but I did notice these up times the past 2 weeks were more .... up. Still, I never dreamed that when I went in there today, she would tell me "untraceable". In fact, she commented and said something along the lines of, "Let's test these numbers again. Maybe they'll just be gone." To which I replied, "That would definitely be a miracle of God, because just a couple of weeks ago they were no where near." Yep. I said it. 

And, that's exactly what has happened in the last 2 weeks. I won't go into details, but God has had me on a journey.... well, the entire last 15 months, really, but  a deeper, indescribable journey the last 2 weeks. As I sat on my knees 2 weeks ago tomorrow and worshiped, I questioned God about where He was taking me in this new place. As clear as you could ask for, He said to me, "This is what I have prepared you for." That is the day He gave me my miracle. It's still a miracle in progress, but I am certain that "He who began a good work in (me) will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." And, I believe He is my healer, Jehovah Rapha, and that He will continue that good work as well. Yes, I have fear that tries to rear it's ugly head, but I am choosing to believe "for I, the Lord, am your healer."

Thank all of you for loving and supporting me. Please continue to pray. The battle is not over, and in fact, in some ways it may be harder to come, but God already has the victory!