Friday, March 6, 2015

Our First Grandchild!

 On July 19, 2014, our daughter, Briana, gave birth to our first grandchild, Juliet McKay. She is a precious, beloved, gift from God. I was very blessed to spend the week before her birth with Briana and Troy, be there for her going into labor, being in the labor room with the two of them, and James, who joined me after the first week, and I stayed with them at their house for 2 weeks after her birth. The Lyme was in remission at this point, so even though I was still sick, God gave me enough to be there and do this with them, and I will forever be thankful!

My first chance to hold her. I'd been up for about 40 hours at this point!

Daddy, Mama, and little Juliet McKay

Her Pawpaw is in love with her. He joined us in spending many hours getting through those first 2 weeks. A small crisis and antibiotics at birth caused a little one to not be able to sleep unless she was being held by someone.
One very happy, proud Aunt Daniella. She cried when she first saw her, and said she didn't know that God could make something so beautiful.
Aunt Ashley flew from Alaska and made it two days after her birth.
Pawpaw with daughter and granddaughter

coming home
Leaving after the 2 weeks was so hard. One of the hardest mother things I've had to do. Briana and I both cried and cried.

Happily, for the first 5 months, life worked it out where we were able to see them about every 2-3 weeks.

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  1. Your daughter looks a lot like you. It's great to see pics of so many of your family in one post! I'm so glad you got this precious time with your daughter.